Posted March 2019

Everyone has their own creative process, but working within the production space is certainly more fun when embracing the power of collaboration.

We partnered with StrawberryFrog, the world’s first movement marketing agency, earlier this year to help bring to life a campaign for LifeBridge Health that was aimed at activating the brand’s purpose: Care Bravely; a purpose centered around the spirit of the people of LifeBridge Health and the individuals who show up day in and day out to help others.

There was an immediate synergy between the agency minds at StrawberryFrog and the production powerhouses within our own fold, and when it came time to dig into the story on set, director Tyler DeAngelo led the creative team to craft a film that captured LifeBridge Health’s newly envisioned Care Bravely movement seamlessly.

Black and white shots film the frame as a voice over makes the message clear. Marked by optimism, empowerment, creativity, trust, and passion, the Care Bravely movement is something we can all stand behind.

Photography by Eli Lindauer.