Posted February 2019

Everyone has that one pair of sneakers that’s marked with a certain level of true love. It’s the pair you can’t seem to stop wearing; the pair that works with everything; the pair that’s not going anywhere.

Nike and Foot Locker get that, and it’s that love for sneakers they aimed to celebrate in their “Home and Away” film campaign.

Playing homage to the distinct elements of local sneaker culture that color the under-represented cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, and Dallas, the series is centered around two custom Nike Air Max sneakers crafted for each city, along with professional athletes, artists, musicians, trend-setters, and sneaker enthusiasts.

Director JB Carlin took to all five cities, shooting a constant stream of moments in order to capture the unique stories and physical essence of each place.

Carlin’s lens focused in on each city’s story by featuring lively round-table discussions that brought together key local celebrities who, through endless conversation points, quips, and undeniable pride, shared what makes their city the most Proud (Detroit), Obsessed (Philly), Underrated (Seattle), Raw (Baltimore) and Hungry (Dallas).

The vibrancy of each city shines through every frame as Carlin’s dynamic direction breeds a set of films ripe with authenticity and an undeniable spark of energy. Give the set of films a watch!