Posted April 2019

Every movement starts somewhere. When it comes to increasing access to higher education and battling the crippling burden of student debt, that movement starts with 529 College Savings Plans.

529 College Savings Plans have the power to change the confines of higher education, but it’s a largely underutilized tool. That’s where the power of film came in. Looking to boost awareness and encourage investment, 529 launched a campaign that shifted the modes of sponsorship messaging into a set compelling stories told through our favorite medium.

Arturo Perez Jr. lent his directorial eye to the project, creating a powerful set of spots that herald in a movement marked by opportunity.

“The Movement,” which serves as the hero spot in the series, moves in and out of shot gracefully in a choreographed sequence that allows for the narration to follow children as they grow and live up to their potential, all without the weight of student debt.

From childhood adventures that inspire a future career to moments filled with triumph, the narrative that Perez Jr. crafts delivers a campaign set to inspire the dreamers, doers, and those eager to come together to create a world where the future is limitless.

Photography by Eli Lindauer.